Challenge Your Students at Teach This Way!

My learning space is designed for three important elements: collaboration, critical thinking and citizenship.  I believe these are essential 21st Century skills students need to compete in the global arena. Desks are designed for individual students - which is why I don’t have any. You will only find tables, collaboration bars and sofas.  Classroom culture and environment plays a huge part in providing a quality education to students. My learning space is a very busy place and interactive on day one. It is important that the students are a part of the process of their own learning. 


I believe in the power of technology to transform learning and the lives of my students. Having an iPad for every student allows more self-paced and individualized learning. This allows students to set appropriate learning goals, evaluate their progress, and stay engaged with digital and multimedia materials. Students in 21st Century classrooms can create reports and presentations with graphics and images, maintain a spreadsheet to keep track of their own grades, and maintain an electronic portfolio. Creativity and writing skills are developed by creating movies of their own interpretations of historical events and recording audio productions of stories and historical facts. Use of interactive electronic books (sometimes published by the students themselves) is commonplace and students are encouraged to check their iPad calendar for the daily agenda and assignments.  These tasks encourage students to work collaboratively with other students. All of the tasks listed above my students do on a daily basis.